Are you a multi-tasker? Chances are, if you have a pulse, you are. And for sure if you are a mom, you are. I listen to podcasts while I fold laundry, catch up on email while waiting for my hockey player to take the ice, and pay bills while I’m throwing dinner together. It’s the only way to get through these crazy days!
I’ve long been a cheerleader for exercise being a break from multi-tasking. Because, sometimes my brain just needs to take a time out. I need to do something that is solely for me, and something that I have to stay in, without being pulled in a million different directions.
But, worship while exercising is a different story. When I am outside, feeling the sun on my skin, appreciating the clean air, and the beauty in the trees…the sky…the animals, I cannot help but feel thankful for this gorgeous world our God created. So, what better time to worship than when I am running? What better time to be thankful for the next breath I am going to breathe and the next step I am going to take?
So, I have put together a worship running playlist. Please check it out, tweak it so it’s just for you, and then let me know what you think! Do you have a song suggestion?
I Can Handle It by Steven FurtickSoul on Fire by Third DaySurrounded (Fight My Battle)Alive (Live) by Michael W. SmithFighting Words by Ellie HolcombRevival by Third DayShine a Light by Elevation WorshipAwake and Alive by Skillet
Here is a link to watch a short video on why I chose each song.
I hope you will consider adding some of these songs to your running routine. If you do, please shoot me an email and let me know! If you have a suggestion for my next running playlist, please pass it along. I love changing mine (obviously) and adding songs to keep it interesting. If you have not checked out my other playlists, make sure you click on the links below. I still go back to the oldies and goodies!