Warning: This post is going to be all over the place, so just go with it m’kay?

I have been working out at Burn Boot Camp since October and I finally signed up for a focus group. When it comes to exercising, I don’t have trouble with motivation (please don’t shoot me), but in the healthy eating department, I definitely have issues. You mean chips and salsa’s not lunch? A bowl of cereal at 9 pm after a ball game doesn’t count for dinner? You’ve been there, I’m willing to bet. I don’t want to eat a full meal at 9 pm because I do understand enough to know my body’s not going to work that meal off while I snooze. What Josh at Burn Boot Camp pointed out when he analyzed my eating diary (myfitnesspal app) is that one day I would eat 1200 calories and the next 2200! There was no consistency and therefore I wasn’t maintaining my metabolism and I was frequently lacking in the protein department–a hazard to muscle-building and recovery. So here are 3 major changes I’ve made that are so simple I’ve found myself asking “Why haven’t I done this before now?” I think it took me actually paying attention to what I was eating to notice what wasn’t working. To finally own up to the fact that the way I was eating wasn’t actually healthy.
If I do a workout, a protein shake in in my very near future. If I don’t have time to add fruits, veggies, and seeds, I just put a scoop of protein powder in almond milk and shake it.I don’t get caught without food for more than 2-3 hours. That means I eat small meals or snacks 4-5 times a day. This is a BIG one for me. If I go more than 3 hours without eating, I get shaky and irritable and am liable to reach for the chips. I look at my day and thoughtfully and intentionally plan out my meals/snacks. Lately (because May/June) that’s meant a lot of on-the-go protein shakes and bowls of carrots and hummus, but man does it feel better than 3 largish meals. And guess what’s not an excuse for me anymore? “The kids have ballgames at dinner time so I just have to grab something quick.” Concession stand hotdogs do not serve me well, but a turkey and lettuce wrap that I prepared in advance at home so as to avoid any cravings at the field does.I cut out food/drinks that were giving me empty calories. I know what I get out of my body is affected tremendously by what I put into it. And whole foods are the way to go. Before I eat something, I seriously ask myself, “Is this good fuel for my body?” In an effort to scale back on the amount of coffee I consume, I’ve added hot lemon water (fresh squeezed lemon!) to my morning routine. Google it–tons of benefits! I’m happy to say I’m down to 2 cups of coffee a day instead of 3. Baby steps.
So, what does my fourteen year old and kiwi fruit have to do with all of this? He’s my biggest cheerleader right now!!! How crazy is that. Here’s a story for you…
The other day I let my him skip school. His class was taking an EOG he didn’t have to take and he’d have been stuck in the conference room in the office for the better part of the school day. To say it was a no-brainer on my part (to keep him home) is an understatement. I did bribe him a bit by telling him he had to play a game with me if he stayed home, but he was ok with that. Then we ended up doing a bit of shopping–for football cleats (when did football enter the picture???) and groceries (whose idea was it to take a 14 year old boy football player to Trader Joes?) But before the shopping, we stopped at Clean Juice because it is never a good idea to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. Have you been to Clean Juice? So yum! I need a frequent shopper punch card. So outrageously expensive, but so totally worth it.
He got a Mangos and Cream (naturally, mango flows through his bloodstream), and I got a heart healthy one (which I have recreated at home and will share later this week). Anyway, this boy, this teenager asked me to write down what was in his smoothie so I could make it later. Seriously?! So, we went to TJs to get stuff to make the smoothie and he also picked out rice, turkey jerky, kiwi (because he had just read how much vitamin C, K, and E is in kiwi), greek yogurt, and turkey bacon. I love this kid! I am currently on chapter 3–the nutrition chapter of my personal training course, and what I am learning about carbs and glycemic index and vitamins and minerals and how our culture has flooded our food supply with over-processed and vitamin-depleted products that have forced us to take a hard look at whether our bodies are getting the recommended dosages of all the good stuff from our food is blowing my mind! But the alignment of Jonah’s fitness goals (to become stronger and faster and better) with all that I want my program to be is so freaking awesome! He’s been my biggest advocate when it comes to starting my fitness program, often coming to me out of the blue with great ideas about my workout plans and dreams about the space I could create to meet my clients’ needs. He’s so supportive and encouraging. Hey, isn’t that my job? The role reversal is both surprising and exciting. So, when we got home from TJs, and I cut that kiwi and placed it in a bowl with some blueberries? Boy, you’d have thought I’d bought him the world. The way my 14 year-old’s eyes lit up and he smiled–I flashed back to his little 4 year-old self, grinning up at me after he’d done something to make me proud. I pray I can always make him light up like that with a bowl of fruit. And I also pray he keeps lighting my path with his amazing ideas and encouragement.

My fitness goals and my program are beginning to take shape in my mind. And it is not without the encouragement of my husband who was the first to say “go for it,” the cheering on of my son, who keeps me consistently dreaming, and the spurring on by all my friends and family who believe in me. So, thank you, my dear friends for all the support.
Cheers to Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start!