Did you miss Monday’s post? Well, in case you did, here are the cliff notes…
I am really trying to eat better, which means more frequent, smaller meals. I am including more whole foods in my meals, and I don’t call chips and salsa a meal anymore (well, not most days).Kiwi fruit is delicious, and thanks to Jonah, now on my shopping list most days. Yes, I go to the grocery store way too often. Kiwi has vitamins C, K, and E and because of how our culture has flooded our food supply with over-processed and vitamin-depleted products we have to really begin to take a look at whether we are getting our daily recommended vitamin dosages!Fourteen is an age full of challenge and struggle, but also tender role reversal and surprise. My biggest little never ceases to amaze me and has been my most amazing cheerleader as I jump into the next chapter of my life–personal training!
That’s it in a nutshell. For today’s post, I am sharing some Friday Faves, but on a Thursday, because I have noticed Friday is not a day many people check in with my blog. Maybe their minds are already on the weekend? I know mine is…
So, here goes. This post is kinda all over the place, too. Guess that’s par for the course this last week of school!
Favorite Oil Combo
Wild Orange and Balance in a Rollerball
I cannot get enough of this duo. I keep it in my purse and roll it on my wrists when I am feeling stressed, tired, or just need a boost! The combo of relaxing balance and invigorating orange is perfect. Just mix equal parts balance and wild orange, and then top off with a little extra balance.

Favorite Workout Shorts
I had a conversation with a good friend about these shorts at our elementary school’s field day. Turns out we bought them for the same reason–the length! They are comfy and just long enough to get away with when heading to kids’ ballgames or other events. And bonus: they have pockets (the ones in the bottom of this pic). And the pockets zip! They just keep getting better. The petal hem shorts pictured on top (purple, called “Shark”) are a tad bit shorter and do not have pockets, but they are perfect for the gym!

(Current) Favorite Nonfiction and Fiction Book
I finished listening to Atomic Habits on Audible in less than a week and then I had to check it out from the library so I could read it, too! It’s THAT good. It is filled with simple, but profound nuggets like this one– “The first mistake is never the one that ruins you. It is the spiral of repeated mistakes that follows. Missing once is an accident. Missing twice is the start of a new habit.” And this one, “This is a distinguishing feature between winners and losers. When successful people fail, they rebound quickly. The breaking of a habit doesn’t matter if the reclaiming of it is fast.” Great stuff.
And Her Every Fear? Read it over Memorial Day weekend. Couldn’t put it down. I love getting lost in fiction.

Favorite Playlist Mashup
March Playlist + Running Worship Playlist
I loved my new running worship playlist, but to be honest, there were some holes when I was actually running to it. So, I did some tweaking, adding some of the more inspiring songs from my March Playlist (Carrie Underwood’s The Champion, Imagine Dragon’s I Bet My Life, and Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend) and now it is practically perfect. I’m sure I’ll switch it up again soon, but this is my current jam.
Favorite {New} Fruit
Kiwi! Or kiwi fruit. Which one is it? Jonah asked me why I kept calling it kiwi fruit. He said, “You don’t say ‘apple fruit’ or ‘broccoli vegetable.’ So why do we call it kiwi fruit? Potato Potaaaato.

Favorite Smoothie
The Heart Healthy One
Oh. My. Word. This is the best smoothie ever. I had it at Clean Juice and had to recreate it the very next day! Btw, Jonah was in this selfie, but he insisted I take him out. Apparently selfies with smoothies are just too similar to all the teen girls he knows taking selfies with their Starbucks. That kid…
In this smoothie: Almond butter, avocado, dash of cinnamon, maple syrup, Himalayan pink sea salt, almond milk, scoop vanilla protein powder (I used Momfuel). SO, SO YUM!!! And very filling. I think it’s the avocado that does that. My hairdresser has been telling me for years to put avocado in my smoothies and I finally did. Avocado makes smoothies so thick and creamy, and the good fat contained in the fruit is a bonus! And talk about vitamins! Nearly 20 vitamins and minerals are in every serving. Potassium (helps control blood pressure), lutein (good for your eyes), and folate (crucial for cell repair and during pregnancy). They also are a good source of B vitamins, which help you fight off disease and infection. Amen for the Avocado.

Whew! Are you ready for the weekend yet? We are going camping, and I’ll be armed with my favorite oils, my latest fiction read, and some…you guessed it avocados! 🙂 Seriously, I am ready for a relaxing weekend in the mountains with my favorite peeps.
How are you spending the first weekend of summer?