My husband always says to use fewer words when I am talking to our boys. I tend to want to go into the “why” they should do something and overwhelm them with too many details. Maybe it’s the teacher or the wordy communicator in me, but in the case of assigning chores or asking the kids to just accomplish basic grooming, his theory is less is more. Hence, the chore chart below, which I introduced to my boys on Monday.
They didn’t all receive it well. My oldest (the teen) rolled his eyes and got pretty mad about it. He said if I wanted him to spend less time on his phone I should have just asked him. Well, since that didn’t work the 357 times I had tried before, we were going with plan B. And, hubby would be proud. I didn’t even take up the discussion with my oldest. I simply reminded him of the rules of this particular BINGO game. No BINGO, no phone.
My middle little took it and ran. He actually likes this kind of challenge (plus he really wanted to play xbox), so in no time, he had eaten breakfast, done his jumping jacks, read a magazine article (one about pirates, and one about otters) to Camden, and shown me a new card trick (which wowed me completely).
And Camden probably got the most out of it. He worked in his summer Pete the Cat workbook (which we counted for his reading since there are directions he has to read), brushed his teeth and made his bed, made a list of vacation spots he’d like to visit, did his jumping jacks (we modified his to 50), and stretched. By the end of the day, he had marked off most of the BINGO board and honestly, I think he forgot about screens. Pretty stinking awesome if you ask me.
So, here is the chore chart. I am sharing the exact one I used, and a blank template so you can write in your own. The program I use does not allow for me to set up a print button, so you will have to right click on the image and open a new window. From there, you should be able to print. If you have trouble, please let me know and I will email a copy of the image to you. Also, if you are reading this on your phone, you will have to pull the blog up on your computer in order to print.
Do you have any creative ideas for getting your kids to accomplish chores/basic hygiene this summer? The struggle is real and we mamas have to stick together and share ideas on getting through! I want to enjoy my kids being around without constantly having to nag them to get their stuff done, and this seemed to do the trick! Let me know how it goes if you do decide to implement the BINGO chore chart.

Enjoy this gorgeous summer day!