I have avoided writing this post for many weeks, even though I have felt an overwhelming urge to share what’s going on over here.

This little blog has been inhabiting a part of the world wide web for two years (tomorrow).  I have written about the importance of protecting your marriage, how reading should be an integral part of your kids’ and your own lives, and how exercise has helped me through stress and anxiety.  I have written about my love for essential oils and my instant pot, how being a boy mom is awesome, and how I have a love/hate relationship with decorating.  Basically, I have been all over the place, and it is time to narrow my focus.

In May of 2019, I began a program through NCCPT to become a personal trainer.  In October of 2019, I passed my exam and walked away with my certificate.  Even as I type those words, I feel a little (excited) shaking in my boots.  But that’s exactly how I know I am on the right path.  If this endeavor didn’t get my heart rate up a little bit with the anticipation and excitement of helping people be the very best version of themselves, then I might worry.  Because when we take a leap that seems a little too big, or a little too bold, or a little too crazy, it should feel uncomfortable. That doesn’t mean it’s not doable.  I have all the tools I need to be the very best personal trainer I can be.  And the upcoming adventure thrills me to my core!

I would be remiss if I did not thank the people who inspired this little blog.  To my good friend, neighbor, and “girl boss” empower-er, Tasha Burks, thank you for believing in me and helping me build my very first website.  Without your encouragement and sometimes painfully honest feedback on my ideas :), Lavender and Laugh never have come into being.  To my handsome husband, my constant sounding board, who never complained about listening to my ideas and who was willing to proofread posts or give advice, thank you for supporting me always, in everything.  To my talented sister, Emily Pyatt, thank you for always having my back in the creative department, creating logos and giving advice on the aesthetic side of the blog.  To my supportive parents, Penny and Jake Griffin and in-laws Linda and Drew Karkow, thank you for sending emails and texting me encouragement on posts that resonated with you.  To my bestie, Amber Butler, web design wiz and blog reader aficionado, thank you for always being a text or phone call away, and for encouraging me to keep on keeping on with my writing.  And to many, many, of my friends–too many to list–thank you for commenting on facebook and/or by email to let me know something I said struck a cord with you.  The blog was always a place for me to process what was going on inside my crazy mixed-up head, but the fact that I also helped you in a struggle that was similar to mine was sweet icing on the cake.

So, in a month or so, you will find me on a new website, poweredbypk.com!  The new website will be devoted to exercise: courses I am offering, healthy habits and tips, and of course a link to my old blog posts.  You can take the blogger out of the personal trainer, but you can’t take the writer out of the entrepreneur.  I hope to continue to write about life and kids and food and books on the new website.

So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU my faithful readers.  Thank you for making a girl feel like she has something to say.  I love you all.